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CNC Mini Pendant - MP2

Announcing the NEW MP2 pendant and Z-axis Touch-Off (ZTO) module.

The MP1 pendant is being replaced with the MP2 pendant.

The price for the MP2 will be USD$250.00.

A “combo” special including the MP2 and ZTO will be $350 for the rest of 2009

Shipping for domestic customers will be USD $8.50

For international customers please check with me so I can calculate the postage. I will then send you a Paypal invoice.

The information for the MP2 and ZTO (Specs, User Guide, & Videos) can be seen at texasmicrocircuits.com

To order the MP2 pendant with the ZTO ($350.00) please click on the add to cart button below.

To order the MP2 pendant without the ZTO ($250.00) please click on the add to cart button below.


The development of the MP2 has been a true international project between Randy Ray at Texas MicroCircuits and a software developer in Scotland.   



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