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CNC Router Machined Parts

We have added all of the machine parts to build our CNC router to the list of machine parts for sale.

The list is available in PDF format here.

A builder can now choose the parts that he wants to make and buy the other parts. 

If you have a drill press and a table saw, you can easily make all of the flat parts. Some parts will need to be countersunk or tapped.

A set of drilling templates are available for sale. The drilling templates are made from a sheet of PVC material with the center of all holes drilled with a 1/8" drill. The templates are cut to size. All a builder needs to do is cut the part to the correct size and tape the template to the material. Then take the material to a drill press and drill a starter hole. Following that the builder can drill and tap the holes to the correct size.

If a builder buys all of the machined parts, he will still need to be able to drill and tap several holes.

If necessary, I can make arrangements to have all of the Z axis machined and assembled including turning of the lead screw.

I have made arrangements with a local machine shop to have the ends of the shorter lead screws turned. If you are building a 4' by 4' machine, please check with me and I will try and find a machine shop that can turn the ends of a 64" lead screw.



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