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The enclosure project was a follow-on to the original ShopBot project. The enclosure is great for almost any system. ShopBot customers have benefited by upgrading to Mach3 and using Gecko drives. Currently users that have been using the Ah-ha control program have been upgrading to Mach3 and my control box with Gecko drives.

The control box is made from 20 gage steel and has all the connector holes pre-punched. You can buy an empty box or have us include all the parts so you can wire it yourself. We also sell the enclosure completely wired and tested (ready to run).

When ordering a ready to run box, we will need to know the details on the stepper motors so that we can include the correct current set (limit) resistors.  Some stepper motors will run fine at 35 volts others work better at 50 volts.  We can help you decide on the voltage needed.

Please NOTE: Initially we will only be shipping the enclosure by UPS ground to customers in North America

The purpose of the enclosure project was to provide an enclosure that has been totally wired including Gecko G202 drives, our breakout board or combo board, power supply board and LED board.

In the past I have tried a lot of combinations of control boxes . The first was a NEMA enclosure. Next was a PC case and then a 4U rack case. With each one there was a lot of work involved in machining holes and making it ready to house the parts for a control box.  For the current enclosure I went to a manufacture that specializes in making enclosure and other cases. The manufacture has a CNC punch press and the ability to manufacture a control box to my specifications. This box (enclosure) has all the holes pre-punched and has internal threaded stand-offs for all the breakout boards. The end result was a box that did not need any additional machining. The manufacture also had a power coating line to power coat the enclosure.  By contracting for a run of 30 enclosures at a time the price was very attractive.

 This is a great product for builders who say they are electrically challenged. We have contracted the internal wiring out to a local firm. In doing so we have also kept the assembly cost low enough to encourage all users to purchase the enclosure completely wired with the exception of the limit switch inputs.

For limit switch inputs, we can provide the pre-made cable and let the user decide how they want to  hook them up. We can also provide all the cables and stepper motors.

NOTE: The design is for Mach3, Gecko G202 drives or the new G203 drives and a 50 volt power supply.  We have found that our stepper motors work very well with the Gecko G202 drives at 50 volts. We can also supply a transformer to give you 35 VDC if your stepper motors will work well at 35 VDC.

On my web page there is a spread sheet file that contains the available parts and prices.  If you would prefer a PDF file, I can provide one as well.

Following are some PDF files that shows the details on  wiring the enclosure.

Wiring the AC electrical wiring.

Wiring the step and direction lines from the breakout board to the Gecko drives.

Wiring the EPO switch to the breakout board and wiring the relay power from the breakout board to the power supply board.

Wiring the transformer and the power supply.

Wiring the Gecko drives for the output to the stepper motors. Coming soon.

Wiring limit switches. Coming soon.

Cable assembly pictures and prices.

Spread sheet with prices for a typical enclosure.









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