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Welcome to the home page of Bob Campbell Designs.

Here you will find information about our breakout boards. We also sell a complete electrical control box and stepper motors.

 We are ready to ship the new MP2 pendant with the ZTO. The new pendant is being manufactured by Randy Ray at Texas Micro Circuits TexasmicroCircuits.com .



Information on our new Mach3 enclosure. A nice box with all the holes punched and ready for you breakout boards and power supply.

Here are the pictures of the new enclosure that was announced at the CNC workshop in Galesburg. The enclosure is divide into two sections by a vertical wall. This gives you plenty of room to mount all kinds for feature boards. The picture on the left is the side for the Gecko drives and the power supply. The picture on the right is the side for  breakout boards. 

The enclosure can be purchased as a basic box with the builder doing the wiring. It can also be purchased as a complete enclosure including cables and stepper motors that have been tested and ready to run.

Vcarve Pro and Aspire

We are a dealer for all of the Vectric products. Please contact me for the details.

You can see all the Vectric products at www.vectric.com

Rhino 3D 

Rhino 4.0 is now available. I have several upgrade packages for $295.00 including shipping in North America.  The retail price for Rhino 3D has increased by $100 to $995. Please check with me for a discount.


Bob Campbell can be contacted at Bob@campbelldesigns.com


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