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Introduction to CNC Routers
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Now lets look at the big picture. If you could draw a picture in your mind, you would see the following parts.

  • A cad/cam program where you create the picture (geometry) of the part that you want to machine (2D or 3D). The cad/cam program would output a tool path file.  Most likely it would be on a diskette or connected to your network.
  • The file would then be taken to your controller PC.  Once the controller program is loaded it can read the tool path file. If your cnc router is powered up an running, the controller is then ready to start sending signals (step and direction) to the stepper motor or servo motor drivers.
  • The motor drivers in turn send the proper signal to the motors which cause the motors to move in the proper directions.
  • The motors are attached to the lead screws which in turn move the X, Y and Z axis.


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